400,000 dead. 2.5 million displaced.You can help.

Welcome to the official website for "Familiar Voices" - an independently financed not-for-profit documentary reacting to the crisis in Darfur. This film is meant to give a brief overview of the crisis, the audience's relationship with it, and what the audience can do to help. It is our hope that this film will help end an ongoing genocide - and, eventually, help render genocide extinct.

Danny Mendoza, a twenty-one-year-old feature film director, aims to empower his audiences by arguing that - like the wide range of captivating and inspiring figures interviewed for this film - they can do something to end genocide once and for all. In the hope that this film will promote action, it offers them concrete actions through which they can directly effect change.

This film is at the heart of a multi-faceted anti-genocide and anti-apathy campaign. It is our hope that we may have the opportunity to engage as many communities as possible in a respectful dialogue regarding our efforts. Please use the navigation tabs above to explore the site - more content will be added soon.



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